Here below are our 3 possible menu proposals (starter / main course / dessert):


CLASSIC menu 25,00 €:


- Crispy shrimp croquettes and salad sprouts.

- Chicken supreme with tarragon, braised chicory and croquettes.

- Panna cotta with raspberry coulis.


PORTUGUESE menu 30,00 €:


- Mokeka of scampi with peppers and coconut milk.

- Marisco Feijoada, seafood, chorizo, white beans).

- Pineapple with red port.


PREMIUM Menu 35,00 €:


- Smoked salmon with toast and grisini sauce

- Salmon steak, virgin oil, pan-fried vegetables and PDT with rosemary.

Or beef steak with shallot

- Trio deserts + coffee to choose from.


TAPAS menu 15€:


Tapas hot and cold (4 hot pieces by persons + chesses and meats + salads)




For 10,00 € per person more you are entitled to 1 quarter of wine (red or white) and water at will.

For 15,00 € per person more you are entitled to 1 ½ pitcher of wine and unlimited water.








1 POSSIBLE MENU BY GROUP (menus can not be mixed)


In order to serve you in the best conditions and thus avoid a possible wait at the table, please give us the choice of your dishes in advance and the number of guests 3 working days in advance.

This number will be the number of menus to pay.


Thanks for your understanding.